Raising the Flag: 5 hours in Tallinn, Aug. 28, 1941

Raising the Flag/Lipu heiskamine

Captain Talpak, an Estonian, whose unit marched into Tallinn with the German armies, describes seeing the Estonian flag already flying from Pikk Hermann as the German armies entered Tallinn.

 This film follows Fred Ise's story of a group of patriotic youth, in the critical morning hours of August 28, 1941 while the retreating Russian army was in disarray and the German army was advancing into Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.  This unique historical first person narrative of five hours of "freedom" in the midst of a battle between two occupying nations brings us surprising insights into the nationalistic pride of the young people in the midst of war and terror that called them to heroic measures to ensure that the Estonian flag would fly from the tower of Pikk Herman, thus symbolically declaring Estonia independent, if even for a moment.