Excerpt from “Militaarne Hiiumaa” appended with additional details

Osmussaar Massacre

Absurd accusations for murder
Indeed, some of the events that took place at Osmussaar really stand out exaberrated by the fear, unnatural hysteria and ignorance of the times. An example of this is the killing of Estonians on the island, described in “Mereleksikonis”. The Estonian crew of Estonian steamer Alf, who carried equipment for Osmussaare Soviet beach batteries and island garrison, were kept ashore in September, to help the island's garrison. On September 22, the steamer Alf was destroyed by German cannon fire, its crew stayed on the island along with another Estonian steamers Vohis crew. Prior to the evacuation of the Soviet Garrison, the tribunal of the island sentenced seven Estonian sailors to death. They were accused of giving the Germans the date of evacuation of the island by means of  morse code signals generated by the sparks of an electric welding machine! A few days later, on November 27, the accused group of Estonian sailors were forced to dig their graves and were shot from behind. Three Estonian sailors that witnessed the events from a distance, hid on the island until the final evacuation of the garrison on December 3rd. After the Soviets had left they came out of their hiding place. Steamship "Alfa"s first mechanic Jaaksoo died while searching through the boobytrapped buildings for a container for water. The two remaining survivors of the massacre were somehow able to row their way back to the mainland where they told the Germans that the island had been abandoned by the Soviets. Preceeding events and those that followed are described in the documentary by one of the surviving seamen.