Lead Programmer, Programming and Testing Supervisor

Roland Ujj

Roland Ujj, MPI's Key Programmer and Programming and Testing Supervisor has been a key team member with Mae Productions Inc for over 10 years, working on programming for web development and mobile technology.  Roland was the key programmer/and Programming and testing supervisor for a series of iPad apps, with a unique iPod based ARS (Audience Response System), which MPI developed in response to client needs built for a children’s mental health centre, for use in Juvenile Justice Facilities.  This posed unique challenges in data management, storage and ongoing feedback from groups using the app through intranet, for which Roland developed creative solutions.   Roland has also created a number of other apps for clients, as well as managed online data bases.
Roland has over 30 years of experience in programming on different platforms including microprocessor, windows, qnx (similar to unix put real time processing), iOS and others. He has His familiarity with different languages ranging from from asm, basic, C, C++. Objective C, HTML5, Java Script and others is a benefit to all of our clients. As a former hardware designer Roland has a good understanding of how hardware relates to software, networking and security.